An 18 year old who loves a lot of things (like food and fictional characters), loves to read (especially YA fiction/fantasy), watching anime, watching netflix, an exclusive member of the Mac n' Cheese gang, cannot function with math, and has a social life of a rock. Beware a few things. I post spoilers! This is a Multi fandom blog (anime/books/ect.) and NSFW art/writing will be seen. You've been warned. The sidebar picture was created by Ari, ^.^

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cute shirts for you and your significant other <3 

Hahaha erejean sucks and the shippers are just some sick people that have a fucked up of imagination
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My meat is murder.

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ok guys 

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Exercice adding movement to a “complex” illustration; here the jpg and gif files. This time They know nothing as another Attack on Titan fanart (Shingeki no Kyojin), with Annie Leonhardt!

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getting ready for the first day of school like


They look sooo beautiful together!!!

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Sword Art Online II Kirito/ko set icons, I hope you like it

( ^ω^ )

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