An 18 year old who loves a lot of things (like food and fictional characters), loves to read (especially YA fiction/fantasy), watching anime, watching netflix, an exclusive member of the Mac n' Cheese gang, cannot function with math, and has a social life of a rock. Beware a few things. I post spoilers! This is a Multi fandom blog (anime/books/ect.) and NSFW art/writing will be seen. You've been warned.

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whenever I listen to ‘I Wouldn’t Mind' these two always come to mind 

its a cute little song for domestic aus where all snk characters belong


going to bed after watching a scary movie




Pretty simple!

I was about to get so mad at this post but thank god for that ending


If they ever break up, then true love does not exist


I didn’t expected that my volleygirls sketch would be that much appreciated, i mean, I wasn’t even planning posting them in the first place! w
v( ̄∇ ̄)
So, as a lot of people asked for more, i did some more, hope you’re gonna like it!
I also did a rough animation of the moment Suga is smacking off Tanaka’s hand ! w

Thanks everyone for following me!

Now I think I’ll concentrate a bit on Halloween 🎃 , I like this moment of the year, but halloween isn’t really celebrated where I live…


Book Four: Balance, Chapter Three: The Coronation

Korra Scenery

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All old people know each other. Don’t you know that? 

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